Project DefaultCube 3D Assets & Art
DefaultCube Founded

DefaultCube was founded in 2021 for the sole purpose for artist & creators to sell their items at their true value & worth.

For the Love of Art Embrace it & Showcase it.
Its All You

Our hope is to build a platform, a place in which you can run away with and inclusive of all art. Create your art, showcase it, let world see it and sell it.

1000s of Created Assets & Artwork All made by you
The Treasure Chest

We would like to see our website expand beyond our wildest imaginations. When all who visit, we really want them to be in awe of all the talent they see from around the world and be spoilt for choice with 1000s of assets & artworks. it would make them feel as though they've walked in to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and it will be all because of you. 

Courses Teach & Learn
Learn From Each Other

Getting started is always a struggle for most, so we really would like to pass on what we've learnt and share the knowledge. In time we will build a bespoke learning experience tailored to specific crafts with courses all my by or community. A collective of resources and materials to aid everyone on their creative journey.

Jobs Get Paid For Doing What You Love
You're Hired

If there is a way to make what you love doing into something that you get paid for, then we want to be there to help. One of our goals in the future is to create a jobs portal to the world of imagination and creativity.   

Music You create it, we'll listen
Dancing To Your Beats

We are prolifically bad shower singers, nevertheless we want a place to hear your tunes. Music is art and another piece that brings us all together. We will want to expand our platform in order for people to share and promote their own music.

3D Printing The Virtual to the Physical
It's Alive!

We aim to provide a service of our on and promote others alike. It would be a a ultimate goal of ours to see you 3D creations come to life in a real and physical form. 

NFTs Crypto art
Future Currency

Some say it a certainty, others say it might not ever happen. The fact of the matter is crypto currency looks like its here to say, for now. So its only right we have a form of selling your art as an NFT and buying with crypto. 

Crafts Needle and Thread
You Crafty Bugger

The talent beyond the virtual is insane. We aim to tie in and expand our platform within the vast spectrum of physical crafting from our world and have a place for them to sell and showcase too.

Much More to Come Stay tuned.
It's Never Over

We barely scratched the surface. I've not even spoken about competitions, events, charities, and a whole mass of features that benefit everyone.

Get Started & Upload Your Artwork today.


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