How to license your artwork and 3D Asset.

Your uploading your digital artwork for the world to see but not quite sure which license to select, don’t worry we’ve made it simple. But if you ever have any problems feel free to contact us.

To keep things even simpler, most choose the following options:

  • For free listings of your artwork: Attribution 
  • For listings with a price of your artwork: Standard
Below we have listed each license, so that you may see which one may suit you and your specific artwork.

If you are listing your artwork for free.

Each downloaded model is released under a Creative Commons licence, which means that if you download a free 3D model or artwork and wish to use it or build on it, you must do so under the terms of the licence. you will also need to credit the creator.

If you’re unsure how you can use a downloadable digital asset or how to list your artwork/model, see the details below of the corresponding Creative Commons license:

  • Attribution: Depending on the NonCommercial, NoDerivatives, and ShareAlike choices, others may share, edit, and use the model, but they must give you credit for the original work.
  • NonCommercial: Others cannot use your model for commercial purposes.
  • NoDerivatives: Others may use and share the model, but it must not be altered.
  • ShareAlike: Depending on the NonCommercial choices, others may share, edit, and use the model, but derivative work must be shared under the same license.
  • Public Domain: No Rights Reserved.

No Derivatives & ShareAlike are mutually exclusive.

If the creator of the artwork changes the license after you download it, that’s ok, but the the license you received it under will always prevail. As per the Creative Commons rules:

“The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.”

If you are listing your artwork with a price.

Each asset within the DefaultCube store includes a royalty-free DefaultCube license, either Standard or Limited:

What is a Standard license?

A Standard licence allows you to use the digital asset in any country, on any medium, for any purpose (commercial or non-commercial), and in any derivative work. Because none of our licences is exclusive, others can do the same.

What is a Limited license?

In addition to the Standard licence described above, DefaultCube offers a “Limited” licence for a limited number of assets. These assets are subject to further restrictions. You may only utilise the aforementioned assets in connection with noteworthy or public-interest events (news articles, documentaries, creations of cultural value, etc.). You are not permitted to use them for commercial or promotional purposes. Only if the editorial quality of the asset is not affected may you edit them.

What uses are forbidden?

As a general rule, you may not use the 3D asset in a way that permits others to use or access it independently.

Examples of what you can and cannot do:

  • You cannot sub-license a purchased model.
  • You cannot purchase a model and sell it to another client/customer.
  • You cannot purchase a model and offer it as downloadable on your own DefaultCube profile. 
  • You cannot distribute the asset incorporated in a derivative work if the derivative work is too similar to the asset. (An example of this is printing a 3D asset or a slightly modified version of it and then selling it.)

You may not use the asset in pornographic, defamatory or otherwise unlawful use. Similarly, you may not use the asset for the direct or indirect promotion of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, gambling, weapons and explosives.

You may not claim that you are the creator or the copyright holder of a asset you have purchased.


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