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Currently, DefaultCube exclusively only accepts PayPal for buying or the selling of 3D models and artwork. In the future we will be working to offer alternative payment methods and service providers.

The total amount you take home for each asset or artwork depends on your total sale price.

DefaultCube fee is 10% of the total sale*. Which just to note – is much less than other providers, ahem just saying.

We may even reduce this to an absolute 0% during special events and seasons. 

Please note a PayPal fee is also deducted, and the exact amount depends on your location:

  • Selling from within the US: 2.7% + 30 cents
  • Selling from outside the US: 4.2% + a few cents
As an example, if you sell a $100 asset or piece of art from within the US, DefaultCube will receive $10 (10% of $100) and PayPal will receive $3.00 (2.7% of $100 plus $0.30). You’ll receive the remaining balance = $87.
Yep! We hate these too transaction fees too. We find artists, creators and crafters alike always get underpaid and sh!t on when it comes to pricing their work and it’s never reflective of its true value or worth. So an aim of ours at DefaultCube is to continuously have a low commission, not so that we pocket from your hard work but so we can give back to things like charities and our community and to simply keep the lights on. Oh! And the kettle. 

We set the threshold to $100, we feel this is reasonable and on average more than obtainable. However if you feel you might not reach the threshold of this amount, send us an email and our accounts team can take a look at this for you. The money will always be yours and its not going anywhere.

You don’t really need too, as we don’t store such data. Plus you Paypal account may change now and then or your simply want your payouts set to a different account. So we made things really easy for you.

Once you reach the $100 threshold, simply click your account name at the top right, then Payouts. Payouts can also be found within your dashboard on the left side.


Then click ‘Request a payout‘.

Request a payoutEnter the follow details.


Request a payout page

The request will be sent to our accounts team, who will review it and send the funds on their way to your Paypal account. This process will usually take 24-48 hours and the funds should show up instantly within your account.

Please note: We have also found on occasions it can take up to 2-5 days, this is out of our hands and the best thing to do is to be patient.

Where can I review my sales?

In addition to receiving an email and website notification when you sell any asset, artwork or your services through DefaultCube, you can find a record of your sales by heading over to your account Dashboard in the top-right corner of any page.

You may have to click the button ‘Switch to business‘. From there you will see a handy visual which will show you daily views of your uploads, today’s earnings and your balance.

If you would like to see listings individually, simply click ‘Listings‘ and see all of your assets for sale 

When will I get paid?

As soon as you make a successful sale and meet our $100 threshold. You can then request your funds. Our accounts team will send the money on its way to you and more often then not see it immediately available in your PayPal Business account 24-48 hours after your initial request.

PayPal email confirmations will come from [email protected] For more details, you’ll want to log in to your PayPal account.

How do I get invoices or tax data?

Responsibility of tax is solely yours, we will always advise you to seek your own legal guidance from a professional. Most invoices and or tax data can be found through Paypal. 

PayPal takes care of issuing W9s and 1099s forms when necessary. For more details, you’ll want to log in to your PayPal account.

What currencies are supported?

Currently, only United States Dollars (USD) is supported when buying and selling assets on DefaultCube. You can still buy and sell models in countries outside the US, however, there will be a conversion in terms of currency before it reaches your PayPal account.

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