What is DefaultCube?

It's marketplace for digital artist to upload, sell and showcase their work. We at DefaultCube know the work that's put into making art, so we built this marketplace for artist to sell their art at prices that reflect their true value. 

Can I upload/download an asset for free?

Yes absolutely! There are amazing and generous people, that do upload their artworks for free! So those who are looking for something, on a budget, you might just find what you looking for and pay nothing for it. Remember a little thank you goes a long way!

Can I use digital art from DefaultCube for my project?

This depends on the licence for the art you are purchasing and what you are using the art for. Each artwork will have a license attached to it, which in turn will dictate the usage and if its right for your project. 

Why don't you have digital art of [___]?

Assets are added daily and are submitted by talent around the world. If its not here today it may just be here tomorrow. But we are working on a feature in which you can hire a digital artist. So if its not there, why not get it made? 

What are you plans for the future?

We have a lot to look forward to and a lot we would like to do, check out our roadmap.

How do I start selling my digital art?

You can start selling your digital artwork here or by pressing the 'contribute' button at the top.

At what reasonable price should I shall my digital art?

This is completely up to the artist. We want you to have a marketplace where you sell what you think your art is worth. However another artist may do the same thing for cheaper, its the way of the world and we understand. The best thing to do is research and price reasonably, pretend you are the customer and ask yourself would you pay X amount for it? BUT NEVER doubt yourself or your work

Are there any jobs going at DefaultCube?

At the moment we are just a small start-up. When the time comes however, we will need people. Head over to our careers page and check if there are any current and open positions. If not you may always email us: [email protected] and share your interest.

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