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Dats A Toilet NFT

Are you sitting on the toilet right now? (Just curious) Are you looking at what could be the next craze of digital artwork on the NFT spectrum?

Well shit no further, Dat's a Toilet NFT is about to be flushed out into the Openseas.


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P*ss Takers

Why Dats a toilet NFT?


The creation of this NFT is a direct result and response of where we think the direction of the NFT world and the world in general is going.  The market is oversaturated with everyone riding on a trend. there is no passion for art, and we see projects promoted simply to make money. You quite often see just a canvas with some object or character, then add random pieces upon them. Much WOW.


So we decided to create a place to which they can all go using their methods and style… ironically, in a form of an NFT.


With that in mind, this NFT has been created to be a metaphor, to send a message, provoke, make fun of and create something beautiful out of shit. 


dats a toilet NFT logo

Dats A Toilet NFT │ Information

NFT Project Name: DatsAToilet (DAT)

NFT Total Supply: 10,000 Unique NFTs

Marketplace: OpenSea

Blockchain: Ethereum Mainnet

Contract Type: ERC721A – Developed to keep gas fee as low as possible.

Contract Address: <Will display soon>

Creator: 0xdE9Fa9F6bd4e3A9Fc9Aa6cC91a507fE3a5D61B0D

Owner commission %: 2.5% – Granting as much profit for the reseller as possible.

Our Roadmap

Project P*ss taker I shit you nay!
Get Involved Together we shit.
My OGs Touching cloth.
Prairie doggy Can't hold it in.
One big push It hurts.
The Clean wipe A stain to remember.

Our Goal

I forgot to wipe! 🧻

There is a lot more as to why we in fact started this NFT. Not just to poke fun at the industry and make light of it, nor to showcase the direction in which we think it’s going.

We in fact love art and love the designers the creators the artists that have amazing talent. Our goal is not to overshadow them but to promote them and to build a community around them. We ultimately want to design and develop a platform and marketplace that will rival the likes of Opensea and ArtStation. A place where artists can really promote themselves and sell their art for a fair a worthy price of all their hard work.

Funds will go back to the community, in which we have many projects in mind that we want to cater for and we would like for you to be there and be apart of it.

Get Whitelisted

📃2500 WL Available📃

There are several ways in which you can get whitelisted for this project, some of which are listed below;

➡ The first 500 people to join our Discord server will be whitelisted automatically.

🐦 Those who follow our Twitter, tag people and retweet, we are watching you.

🎨 Creation of Fanart and posted on our fan-art channel.

📨 5 Friends invites to the Discord server.

🎉 W/L giveaways.

🗣 Participation in our live stream chat.

And anything else we can come up with.

Please note* WL spots will be on a first come first serve basis and just because one activity above is complete does not guarantee a WL spot. Availability could also change.


Toilets are not that rare BUTT GOLD TOILETS ARE!

There are rarities in our NFTs and even rarer are the gold plated toilets. Be sure to hunt for the gold toilet seats, gold toilet bowl and bathroom walls.

Rare items too, such as the Rose & toilet paper! 

Item Message & Meanings

Artist credit

VenatusVox – Digital artist & Creator

Compiling list…

More NFTs on the way

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